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Vanity of Justice

Bronze – H 114 x 30 x 25 cm


I represented a swollem with self-esteem character of Judge, puffed up with his own importance. His finger moved from accusation to domination. We can notice that this judge is steadily stressed on his law book.

This character of Judge whom expression is very typical,has been set by other characters smaller than him. Each of the three characters of the plinth represents one of the symbol of the Justice : the balance, the sword and the bandage. But, of course, throught the prism of Vanities, all is reversed. Usually, Justice is blindfolded ; here, on the contrary, the character who has the bandage is on tiptoe and trys to look the further he  can. The other symbols are also reversed : the sword is no more ready to slice but seems to be a crutch, the balance is definitely thrown off.

You can notice how much the characters are suitable with the symbol they represent.

Far from being inspired by good things as should be a normal Judge, this Judge is inspiered by an allegory of Death who whirls around his head and who advises him on one hand and stroke him like a dog on the other hand.

I invite you to notice the delicacy with which this allegory is treated. For this sort of realization, Michel  Levy used different founding techniques and notably founding of jewelery.

« And more over I saw under the sun the place of judgment that wickedness was there, and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there. Isaid in my heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked : for ther is a time there for evry purpose and every work. » (Ecclesiaste)

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