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Reality of the Invisible 


It is with the merciless lucidity on the appearances that Michael Levy looks at the complexity of the world. Forging his own vision, he transcribes the tears and the human harmonies in a gesture mixed with intransigence and elegance.

He moves forward in his artwork fascinated and doubtful, oscillating ceaselessly between shadow and light, aware of the difficulty to reveal the invisible contained under the yoke of the reality. His bronzes express a magnificent ambiguity built just like the ambivalence of the nature.

Of his first attractions towards medicine, Michael Levy keeps a sense of the observation and an analysis of the bodies which facilitates his methodical exploration of the palpitation of the reality.

His eye is as a scalpel, cutting the suffering features, the desire, the sorrow, the pleasure, and all the range of the human feelings with the precision of a surgeon of the soul. His restless faces testify of the tragedy of the world without losing the track of an indelible hope.

 From the workmanship of his artworks perspires an intense sensitive bubbling up between dreams and instinctive impulses, leaving a sacred fire stemming from the magic of the inspiration. Sometimes close to some original magma, sometimes chiselled as precious ornaments, a fascinating profession full of sensibility and aesthetics is glittering from his bronzes.

His characters put in nude, both by the consistency of the matter and by the meaning will without concession, transcribe a determination to work in osmosis with the lively strengths of a genuine creativity. During his artistic progress, Michael Levy built himself an atypical spirituality in agreement with his internal convictions flying above the conflicts of the faiths.

It is with an animistic feeling of the deep roots of existence that he shaped the creatures which populate his thoughts and his artworks. The maimed dwarfs, the fantastic birds, virgins and other creatures which shape his personal mythology, all evoke the multiple metamorphoses of the unconscious capable of dressing the most improbable forms.  Michael Levy's sculptural odyssey drags us along in the meanders of an adventure which succeeds in rising to the just " height of the soul " so dear to Antoine de Saint Exupéry (famous French novelist and aviator). 

                                                                                                                                                             Universe of the Arts, (French Journal) 

                                                                                                                                                             by Françoise de Céligny

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