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Bronze, H 45 x 15 x 25 cm

Vanity of Glory

This is the first sculpture that I realized on Vanities. This is a derision of the equestrian statue of Louis the XIVth  which is one of the most beautiful work raised to a man’s glory. But, instead of riding a horse, the character is seat down on a skinny and pot-bellied goat whom he crushes with his weight. He holds his Commender’s stick in his hand and the interest of this sculpture comes from the dissociation between the haughtly posture and the ridiculous scenery.

You can notice the humor of the difference between flaccid fleshes of the character and the bony and angular bottom of the goat. There is a medaillon symbolizing the Glory through three Graces holdind a crown of flowers at the back of the plinth.

It happens that people having a very important social rôle in our society bought this sculpture as if they wanted – from the height where they stand – not to fall in this vanity and to have something  under their eyes to remind them of it.

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