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The time and the life


There is only a single beauty, that of the truth which shows by itself, Auguste Rodin entrusted . (famous French sculptor, 19th century).


This magic race in search of an often imperceptible reality began when the artist wanted to use the matter to translate an emotion or express a sensation. The sculptor so intends to translate the secret relation which he maintains with the bronze, the marble and the iron. Then the work of both eye and hand achieves a commitment.

Voltaire (French famous writer and philosopher)  underlined the importance of the gesture as he wrote: " without any doubt, all the arts of the hand  come several centuries ahead of metaphysics ". Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (French novelist and aviator) completed by asserting that: " if the sculptor is only science and intelligence, the hands will miss genius ".

Such appears to us Michael LEVY's artwork when he makes a dream appearing, a myth, using the volume to complete the movement. The deep roots of his art are situated in the precision and the reaction stirred up at him by inspiration and imagination.

He imposes with genuineness a delicate and personal style. He is not swayed  by the sensibility of epoch. He pursues a tradition which goes back up to the Antiquity never undergoing the effects of the fashions. So every generation imposes on the sculpture his imprint.

Michael LEVY's nudes remain chaste and quiet. They teach us that the body remains the inseparable envelope of the soul, as Degas told us (French famous painter) whose statues cared only about a natural attitude.

Michael LEVY's artworks always provide us with the weird magic of a secret. Beyond the strength and beyond the magnificence of the forms, they pull us in search for a forever living internal vision.


Pierre-Christian TAITTINGER

Former Minister of the French government.

Mayor of the XVIth District in Paris, France.

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