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195x40x45 cm


The theme of this sculpture is Eve's birth. In the Judeo-Christian mythology, with the original text in Hebrew, the various translations led to several interpretations. The most classic is to say that Eve arose from Adam's rib, but personally I prefer the one who says that Adam and Eve were born side by side, as siameses children, and were separated afterward. I like this translation, because it could explain that we are all in search of the lost half.

In this sculpture Eve is represented in a much more succeeded way than Adam. It is him, represented under the shape of metamorphic material, from whom escaped roots are enclosing Eve in a blending relation.

In the art history Eve is always shown with a navel, while in theory she should not have it. When I stood out this sculpture, I made her with a stomach without navel, but it was so disturbing that I put one stoutly.

I invented in this opportunity these disproportionate bases regarding to the characters, to give to me the space enough for introducing notions that seemed to me indispensable, in this case the maternity, the temptation, the world put into the shade.

I made for Eve an engraved poem in the back of the base:


" In eternal torrent

In mixed springs

Where bewildered dices of the fate roll,

You were born,

Eve with thousand faces

So far as in Herself"

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